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I'm late getting this to you, [livejournal.com profile] sockich, but that does not in any way diminish the fact that you're one of my absolute favorite people I've ever "met" on LJ. You're sweet and funny and awesomely nice, and I love it every time I see you post. You and your fannish enthusiasm are among the things that make fandom a fun place to be. ♥ to infinity

So now, I give you fic! It's Spencer/Brendon, which I hope is to your liking, and porny, which I also hope is to your liking. Happy Birthday, sweetie!

Spencer's almost positive this is Pete's fault.

Plenty gets blamed on Pete because he makes it so easy, but Spencer refuses to believe Pete didn't actually plan this one.

It's his fucking club, after all. There's no way he didn't, like, tell someone, "Hey, you know what would be great? If when the guys showed up, you didn't let Spencer and Brendon in!"

Pete's evil that way.

And Spencer is fucking tired of being underage.

He glares fit to make the bouncer -- who probably has a foot and 100 pounds on him -- widen his eyes and look away studiously. But then he looks at Brendon, and Brendon looks crestfallen.

"Have a good birthday party," Brendon calls sadly after Ryan.

It's pathetic.

Spencer hates when Brendon gets pathetic, because it's like seeing Jon get pissed off -- it's just not natural.

But he mostly hates it because he deals with sad Brendon so rarely that he doesn't ever know what to do with him. Jon's much better at this kind of thing. Spencer's not good at comforting people to begin with, much less when he's disappointed himself.

He gives it a go, anyway.

"Fuck this noise," he says. It's nothing he would usually say, but Brendon thinks it's a funny phrase, so whatever.

Brendon doesn't laugh.

"Let's go somewhere else," Spencer says, pulling Brendon away from the club and down the street. There has to be someplace around here they can go.

"Where?" Brendon asks listlessly. He's actually doing the Charlie Brown walk, head down and shoulders slumped. Dear God.

"I don't know. Where do you want to go?" Spencer will be understanding and sympathetic and awesome, damn it. He will take Brendon for ice cream if he wants it, even if that means dealing with sugar-high Brendon for the rest of the night.

"I don't know. Where do you want to go?" Brendon asks back.

Spencer feels his eye twitching. Maybe he can't do this after all.

"What about bowling? You were talking about it last week."

"I suck at bowling," Brendon says.

"That's because you let Pete convince you you'd been bowling the wrong way all your life. Contrary to what he says, you don't get bonus points for getting more air time with the ball."

"Well, how'd he get a 412, then?" Brendon asks.

"Because you're gullible," Spencer answers.

Brendon doesn't say anything to that, and Spencer sighs. He didn't want to have to resort to this.

"What if I let you play with my hair?" he asks finally.

Brendon's head comes up at that. "Really?"

"No ratting it! But other than that, yeah."

"Okay," Brendon says, and Spencer can tell he's trying to keep the eagerness out of his voice. It's nearly enough to make Spencer smile.

* * *

They go to Brendon's hotel, and Spencer waits on the bed while Brendon goes into the bathroom. He comes back with a comb and some gel and hairspray.

"Turn around!" Brendon says.

Spencer complies. Brendon settles on his knees behind Spencer, and Spencer's body tenses a little because he can't help it.

It doesn't do him any good to try to steel himself, though, because then Brendon's pulling the comb through his hair lightly, and Spencer just sort of...melts. He has a weakness, okay? He can't help it.

"I wish I had some rubber bands," Brendon says.

Spencer means to ask him why, what he would do with rubber bands -- though he has a pretty good idea, and pigtails would look retarded on him -- but then the comb is gone, and Brendon's smoothing his fingers through Spencer's hair, and Spencer really doesn't need for his voice to come out all breathy and embarrassing, so he decides quiet is good.

"You have such soft hair," Brendon says, and his voice is quieter, more intimate with how close they are. His thumbs brush behind Spencer's ears and Spencer might shiver a little.

And yes, this is why he didn't want to have to resort to this. Because Spencer always gets sort of turned on when people play with his hair, but when Brendon does it, he gets this content, odd sort of focus that he doesn't have all that often, and it's kind of hot. Before, whenever Brendon would plead with Spencer to do this until Spencer gave in, Spencer had never let Brendon do this anywhere but in public, where there were people and distractions and reasons for Spencer to keep himself from getting hard. Not so now. Thus, Spencer should have thought of something better to cheer Brendon up. But okay, maybe he was being a little selfish, too, because he likes this, likes it a lot, and can't exactly ask for it.

Brendon's fingers are assured but gentle in his hair, and suddenly he's tugging on it rhythmically, which nearly makes Spencer gasp until Spencer realizes Brendon is braiding his hair. French braiding it, even.

"You've got to be kidding me," he groans. "Ryan turns 21 and we turn what? Twelve?"

"You're going to be a pretty, pretty princess," Brendon says, and Spencer can hear the grin.

"I already am pretty," Spencer says. It's a stupid thing to say and he knows it, but his brain has kind of gone M.I.A. with Brendon's fingers brushing the back of his neck like that.

"Yes, you are," Brendon says, and it's in that quiet, focused voice, minus the grin. Brendon drags his fingers back through Spencer's hair, undoing what he'd just braided. He keeps them threading softly through the strands long after, though.

Spencer might lean into the touch, just a little.

"You like that?" Brendon asks, and okay, Spencer isn't reading into that. That is sex voice right there.

"Mmm," Spencer tries to murmur noncommittally. It doesn't sound noncommittal.

Brendon laughs quietly and twists Spencer's hair around his fingers, tugging lightly.

"I like it, too," Brendon says, close now, lips brushing against Spencer's ear.

Spencer lets his head bow back, baring his neck to Brendon when he kisses below Spencer's ear.

Brendon's lips trail down Spencer's neck, soft and slow and hot, until he gets to the collar of Spencer's shirt. His fingers are still firm against Spencer's scalp.

"You're taking advantage of my weakness," Spencer says dazedly.

Brendon pulls away entirely, and Spencer twists around, annoyed, to see Brendon looking thoughtful. "Is it taking advantage if you want it?" Brendon asks. "Because I could say you're taking advantage of my fragile emotional state by tossing your hair around and moaning at me, but that would be a big huge lie."

Spencer would totally say something about how he doesn't "toss his hair around" ever, but then Brendon's pressing his mouth to Spencer's, and Spencer would rather do that than argue anyway.

They kiss until they're both breathless, Brendon's fingers back in Spencer's hair, until Brendon flops back on the bed, arms open wide, and says, "Take advantage of me, Spencer!" and laughs.

He stops laughing when Spencer goes down onto his elbows between Brendon's legs and reaches for the button and zipper of Brendon's jeans. Suddenly, Brendon's sucking in air and saying, "Oh, shit, really? Fucking awesome."

Spencer smirks a little, but he thinks Brendon probably doesn't notice. He doesn't bother pulling Brendon's jeans or underwear off; he just gets them down enough so he can get at Brendon's cock, already hard just from them kissing, and Spencer can't wait to see how responsive he'll be.

He mouths at Brendon's cock lightly, licking across the head and down the shaft, keeping one hand firm on Brendon's hip because he just knows -- and yep, there go Brendon's hips, trying to push up. Spencer holds tight, keeps him down. Brendon whines in his throat, and Spencer takes mercy on him, lowering his head and taking him in.

He sucks softly -- too softly, he knows -- and goes down further. His eyes are closed, so he reaches blindly with his free hand, fumbling across the sheets until he finds one of Brendon's hands. He grips Brendon's wrist, guiding him down until he can get Brendon's hand resting against the back of his head. He hums around Brendon's cock, and Brendon tightens his fingers in Spencer's hair, tugging just a little, then pushing down even more tentatively.

Spencer moans and takes Brendon in deeper. Brendon scratches his fingernails against Spencer's scalp, almost approvingly, like scratching a dog behind the ears. Then he takes hold, brings his other hand into it, actually pulling at Spencer's hair now. Not too hard to hurt, but enough to make heat curl through Spencer's body. Brendon pushes Spencer down, and Spencer takes him in as deep as he can, jaw aching and scalp tingling.

Spencer lets go then, lets Brendon take charge, and it's perfect. Brendon's tugging just hard enough and pushing just deep enough, and Spencer almost whines himself when Brendon pulls him off, holds him back with one hand wrapped in Spencer's hair while Brendon shifts his other hand to jerk himself off fast and rough until he's spilling across his own stomach.

"Brendon," Spencer says, and Brendon lets go of his hair, lets Spencer get his jeans down and out of the way, then scramble until he's straddling one of Brendon's legs, cock sliding against Brendon's skin, feeling the slickness of Brendon's come. Then Spencer's kissing Brendon, and Brendon opens his mouth for Spencer, lets him in and lets him drive his hips against him, rubbing down harder and faster.

Brendon's tongue fucks into Spencer's mouth, and his hand is there, jerking Spencer's hair roughly, and Spencer gasps into Brendon's mouth and comes against Brendon's stomach.

It takes Spencer a long time to get his breath back.

"That, I'm pretty sure," Brendon says when Spencer's finally starting to get some feeling back in his toes, "is what you might call a kink."

Spencer can't be bothered to talk. "Mph." It's the closest he's going to get for now.

"Hey, you wanna go again?" Brendon asks. Spencer can hear the smile -- Operation Cheer Brendon Up successful, then -- and feel Brendon already getting hard again.

So okay, yes, there are definite advantages to youth.

ETA: I know there are a lot of graphically talented Photoshop masters on LJ, a few of whom are on my flist, even. [livejournal.com profile] mlyn posted on her journal about what might be a great working opportunity for one of you! Y'all should check it out.
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