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So this is pure, unmitigated smut. But it's the first thing I've been able to finish in something like two or three weeks, so I don't care!

Written as a very belated ficlet-request response for [livejournal.com profile] sateenmusta, who wanted Brendon/Ryan rimming. Hope this serves. Um, NC-17, obviously.

If he's perfectly honest, Brendon knows he doesn't do this because he's all that into the act itself. He does it because Ryan is.

He does it because it makes Ryan shiver and push back into it and make these sweet, needy noises, and there's nothing about that that Brendon doesn't love.

Brendon presses Ryan against the wall with both hands on Ryan's hips, then sinks to his knees. Ryan's trying to see him, neck craned so he can look back over his shoulder. He won't be able to see, but Brendon appreciates the effort, so he rewards Ryan by biting at the curve of his ass, sinking his teeth into the rough denim and licking across the material.

Ryan makes a small, throaty sound but doesn't move, so Brendon drops his hands from Ryan's hips to his ass, fitting him palms over the back pockets and squeezing. His thumbs creep in toward the back seam and rub up and down, enough pressure that Ryan should be able to feel it through the denim. Brendon presses his thumbs into the give of flesh, then presses them outward, licking between them.

The nap of the denim drags across his tongue, but he presses hard and licks again and again, until his chin is wet and Ryan's jeans grow dark in that one vertical line, saliva soaking into the material. Brendon licks until Ryan's pushing back into Brendon's mouth and forward into the wall. His hands are still pressed palm-down to the plaster. So is his forehead.

Brendon likes it, how Ryan seems to have given himself over to this, but he knows it can get better, so he stills Ryan's hips with a hand in the small of his back.

"Come on," he says. "Bed."

Ryan sucks in a shuddering breath and turns from the wall, but he doesn't go straight for the bed. Instead, he pulls Brendon toward him with one hand on the back of his neck and licks into Brendon's mouth. It's not a long kiss, or a deep one, because Ryan's smiling against Brendon's mouth, which has Brendon smiling, too.

When Ryan finally pulls back, placing a final, chaste kiss on Brendon's mouth, he turns to the bed, stripping along the way. And that's what Brendon always calls it in his head: stripping. Because it never makes a difference how matter-of-factly Ryan takes his clothes off. The fact remains that he's taking his clothes off and Brendon has never been able to think of that, to see that, without thinking of sex. Even when Ryan changes after a show, the reveal of the long, sharp lines of his body and the pale stretches of skin is inherently sensual.

Brendon pulls of his own clothes, dropping them haphazardly to the ground and watching the muscles of Ryan's back moving smoothly when Ryan settles onto the bed. He lies on his stomach, propping himself on his elbows with one leg bent at the knee and pushed out to the side, shaping his spine into a concave curve and pushing his ass up.

Like Brendon thought, this is even better than seeing Ryan pushed against the wall.

Brendon doesn't even realize he's just standing there, watching, until Ryan looks back over his shoulder again, only this time with more impatience.

"Taking your time?" Ryan asks.

Brendon sticks out his tongue but climbs onto the bed, settling between Ryan's legs, and the corners of Ryan's mouth turn up.

"That's more like it," Ryan says, and Brendon snorts a little, because he swears Ryan hasn't always been this light-hearted in bed, and Brendon likes to think it's his good influence.

It doesn't take a lot to get Ryan worked up for this. When Ryan was undressing, Brendon got a good look at how hard his cock was already, so Brendon wastes no time. He palms Ryan's ass and holds him open, leaning in to lick a quick stripe from behind Ryan's balls all the way up the cleft of his ass.

He knows the fleeting touch isn't as concentrated as Ryan wants it, but Brendon wants Ryan to have to work for it a little, to let go and show how much he wants it. So Brendon repeats the action once, then again, pointing his tongue more so it dips, prodding more heavily against Ryan's asshole on the next pass.

Ryan shudders, but stays quiet. Not good enough.

Brendon digs his thumbs into Ryan's ass, spreading his cheeks wider and backing away to admire. He blows softly on the wet skin, and yes that's it. Ryan moans, and Brendon can see his hole clenching. He leans back down and laps at it so he can feel the muscles working under his tongue.

This is his favorite part, just settling in and licking away, slow and lingering, then in fast, sharp flicks. He varies the pace until Ryan's shaking and panting and saying, "Brendon, Brendon, please."

Ryan is never sweeter than when he wants Brendon's tongue pushing into his ass.

"Okay, okay," Brendon says soothingly. He drags the flat of his tongue over Ryan's hole one more time, then presses a close-mouthed kiss to it. Ryan's entire body shudders then, and Brendon finally pushes past the ring of muscle and inside Ryan's body.

Brendon can't say he really likes the earthy taste, but Ryan's needy cries make Brendon's dick jerk. He rides out the slow writhe of Ryan's hips when Brendon starts tongue-fucking him slow and steady. He lets Ryan push back into it, then shove forward, rubbing his cock against the bed. Brendon keeps going, pushing his tongue as deep as he can, working Ryan slick and open.

Brendon digs his fingers deeper into the flesh of Ryan's ass and holds him still then. Ryan whimpers a bit but complies, giving one last slow rub of his stiff cock against the mattress.

Brendon withdraws his tongue from Ryan's ass with a lewd, wet sound, but he's not trying to be cruel, so he's quick to replace his tongue with his thumb, rubbing it across Ryan's asshole once to make sure he knows what's coming. It sinks in smoothly, and it's a little awkward at first, using his thumb on Ryan and trying to crook it right to find the spot. When he gets it right, though, Ryan grunts, so Brendon does it again, then again, and Ryan's already crying out when Brendon's other thumb nudges him further open and slides in.

It makes it so easy for Brendon to stretch Ryan open so he can lick between his thumbs and then slip his tongue back into Ryan.

Ryan's voice cracks when he cries, "Brendon!"

The want in his voice makes Brendon shudder, because God, nothing gets Ryan like this. It would be so easy to fuck him now that he's open and desperate, but this is what Ryan wants -- wants it enough to beg for it -- and Brendon's going to give it to him.

So Brendon keeps Ryan open and keeps his tongue moving, pressing in deep and wet. He rubs over Ryan's prostate over and over until Ryan's hips start working against the mattress, rubbing frantically. Brendon keeps working him until Ryan's asshole spasms and clenches tight, and Ryan comes all over the bedding. Brendon tongue-fucks him through it until Ryan goes limp under him and moans into the sheets.

Brendon finally pulls back then. He rises onto his knees, breathing hard and wiping the back of his hand across his mouth and chin.

It might not be Brendon's kink, but Ryan is Brendon's kink -- when Ryan's turned on, so is Brendon, and God he wants to get off now.

Ryan is heavy and boneless, but he turns easily when Brendon's hands urge him to roll over. The sheets are a mess. Ryan's cock and belly are sticky with come, his eyes are heavy-lidded and satisfied, and his lower lip is red and plump from where he was probably biting it. He looks thoroughly debauched.

Ryan's gaze flickers down to Brendon's cock, and he licks his lips, says, "Touch yourself."

Brendon moves to straddle Ryan's hips, pushing his own hips forward and putting himself on easy display. Then he obeys.
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