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You know what I want right now? Fic where Spencer's always been a girl, and she and Ryan still grew up best friends, and their friendship would still be basically the same as I usually imagine it was.

Ryan would still sneak in through her window some nights and end up sleeping in her bed, but it wouldn't be a big deal. Not until the time Spencer's period starts during the night and some blood gets on the sheets, and they would both be so embarrassed, right? Only Ryan would be an asshole and laugh at her because what else is he going to do? She would punch him in the arm, and he would sneak back out, and both of them would mostly forget about it.

But then Spencer would come home from school, and her mom would be waiting, Spencer's sheets clean and folded on the sofa next to her.

"I heard Ryan in your room this morning," she would say, and Spencer would be confused because who cares, right? Her mom's never minded before.

But then her mom would ask, "Are you having sex with him?"

Spencer would turn red and tell her no, no, God, he's her best friend. It was her period, that's all. Spencer wouldn't tell her mom, but she's still a virgin, and just. No. Ryan wouldn't, anyway, even if Spencer wanted it.

(Then blah, blah, more stuff happens, whatever. I just want to get to the good part, so pretend I came up with some cool plotty stuff here.)

Aaaanyway, prom time rolls around and Spencer sort of wants to go, but she pretends she doesn't, because it's not like she has anyone to go with, anyway. Only, like, Ryan knows her, and he sees the way she looks at the prom dresses when they go to the mall to buy a birthday present for one of Spencer's sisters. So he stops her mid-stride, fingers around her wrist, and he asks her if she'll go with him, and he won't let her get embarrassed and lie about not wanting to go.

She's silent for a long time, won't give him an answer, and he turns to the dresses and looks for a minute. Finally, he picks up one of them -- black and mauve, soft and flowing, nothing like anything he's ever seen Spencer wear -- and he says, "I think you would look pretty in this."

Spencer would bite her lip, because that's not. That's not what they do, that's not something Ryan should be saying to her, but he asks her, says, "Try it on?" She does, and God, God, he's never looked at her the way he does when she steps back out of the dressing room.

She says yes.

She says yes, and he takes her to prom. They skip the corsage and the boutonniere and the pictures by the fireplace, but Ryan holds her hand when they walk in together, and his fingers press against the bare skin of her back when they dance, and his eyelashes brush her cheek when he leans in and kisses her in the car -- it's not even when he's dropping her off, but as soon as they get in the car to leave.

They go to Ryan's. It's nothing they'd planned, but when they pull up outside, Spencer follows Ryan in, follows him to his room, both of them trying to be quiet. They both try so hard to be quiet, even when Ryan unzips Spencer's dress and Spencer's fumbling with Ryan's suit, even when Ryan pushes her dress off and down, and all she's wearing is her heels and pretty underwear and a matching strapless bra. Her shoulders are bare, and Ryan can't resist kissing them, even though Spencer's still trying to get him undressed.

Eventually he steps back and helps her, until they're both just in their underwear, and it only gets awkward then, when they make it to Ryan's bed. It's Ryan's bed, and they've lain on it together so many times before, but never anything like this. Spencer takes a deep breath and pulls Ryan down on top of her, bringing his hands to the clasp of her bra.

Ryan's hands are shaking, but he gets it open, and she doesn't even have time to think, to blush, before he's ducking down and taking one nipple into his mouth, sucking softy, and her hands fly to the back of his head, fingers threading through his hair so she can hold him there.

It's tentative and it's awkward at first, but finally they're both naked, and Ryan is so much heavier than Spencer ever would have imagined.

Ryan has condoms. He's never had to use them before, but he's been hoping he'd need them. He can't keep his hands steady enough to get one open, but then Spencer's taking it from him, and her fingernails make it a little easier, maybe, because she gets it open. Then she's touching him, helping him roll on the condom, and his breath stutters hotly against her neck.

She spreads her legs wider for him, pushes her hips up a little, and he gets it. But, like, he knows she needs to be wet so it'll be easier, so it won't hurt as much. He considers going down on her, but he hasn't done that before, either, so he settles for kissing her and trailing his fingers down until they're between her thighs.

Spencer shivers when he touches her. His fingers slip easily between her folds, because he doesn't need to worry about getting her wet. She has been, and she's ready, but then Ryan's thumb brushes her clit, almost incidentally, and she's glad Ryan's still kissing her, because his mouth muffles the sound of her cry.

It does hurt some, when Ryan lines himself up and starts to push inside. Spencer digs her fingernails into his back and tries not to bite down on his shoulder too hard. They're trying to be silent, but Ryan's inside her. It feels so good for him, because she's slick and hot around him, and her breasts are pressed against his chest, and he could do this forever, except for the part where he's going to come any second because it does feel so good.

Spencer's having just as much trouble staying quiet, because Ryan is trying to be silent, but he's making these soft, low sounds of pleasure, and she feels overheated and full, and there's a sweet ache already, in her thighs and where he's stretching her open.

Ryan doesn't last very long. Spencer feels it when his hips jerk unevenly, and he goes still above her, head thrown back. She tightens her thighs around him, gasping, because she made Ryan come. She wants to cry, almost, when he pulls out.

Ryan throws the condom away and looks up at her through his hair. "Did you?" he asks.

She bites her lip and shakes her head, and her hands are limp at her sides now that they can't find purchase on his back. She doesn't know what to do with them; she wants to touch herself, she wants to get off, but Ryan is watching, and she's already so naked, not just literally, and she can't.

"Can I?" Ryan asks. He touches her thigh lightly, and she arches into the touch, lets her body speak for her.

He touches her again, sliding a finger inside. But she's already feeling a little tender there, and really? That's not going to do her much good right now. "Ryan," she breathes. "Ryan." He looks at her, and she touches the back of his hand. "No. Like this."

She twines their fingers together and brings them up, presses his fingers until they find her clit. "Ah, there," she says, jerking a little at the callused slide of his fingertips.

She keeps her hand on his, directing his movements at first. Her eyes flutter shut, but she forces them back open so she can see his face. He's staring down at where he's touching her, fingers working between her legs, and he looks focused and flushed when his other hand pulls hers away so he's the only one touching her now. Their eyes meet when Ryan brings her fingers to his mouth. He sucks them in, one at a time, licking the wetness off of them and sucking softly, and she wants to moan, but her voice is caught in her chest, can't come out.

Then Ryan starts rubbing her clit a little harder, a little faster, and Spencer falls apart. Ryan keeps rubbing, softer now, even as she keens and comes, shaking. He keeps touching her until she closes her thighs on his hand and makes him stop.

Ryan leaves his hand between her legs and kisses her until she pushes him away. "I have to get back home," she says. "You know how mad my mom is going to be?"

Ryan doesn't, actually, because Spencer never told him how upset she'd seemed when she thought Spencer and Ryan were having sex. But he helps Spencer get dressed again, tries to help her fix her hair, but that's pretty much a lost cause. He only stops her a few times to kiss her and touch all the new skin he isn't used to seeing before she covers it back up.

He drives her back home and kisses her one last time at the door and then gets the fuck out of there, because the living room light is still on, and he actually is kind of afraid of Spencer's mom if she finds out what happened.

When Ryan gets home, the sheets smell like Spencer, smell like sex. But that's not why he washes them the next morning. Spencer bled, a little.

So yeah, apparently that's what comes out when I sit down to work on challenge/exchange fic. Way to be productive in a completely non-productive way, self!
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