Sep. 27th, 2007

So last month [ profile] disarm_d posted these really awesome pornothon prompts, and I saw the very first one (Pairing: any Panic!, Scenario: listening to each other jerk off in bunks) and had a flash of brilliance! Wouldn't it be awesome, I thought, if Brendon decided they should have a designated jerking-off time once they got a bus? And then they would hear each other making all these hot sounds, and they would get all turned on EVEN MORE and sex would happen! It would be great!

Then Ryan Ross got ahold of my POV and fucked that idea all to hell. He decided that instead of awesomeness and greatness, there would be angst and misunderstandings. But eventually sex! So that's good at least. But if you're reading and start out thinking it's going to be lighthearted and fun until it suddenly takes a turn for the not-so-much, blame Ryan Ross. God knows I do.

Many, many thanks go to [ profile] sparklewitch, who listened to me whine more than any human being deserves and read and re-read and re-read while this took shape. Without her, this fic would possibly never have been finished, and I certainly wouldn't be as happy with it. Niki, thank you so much for helping me find where this fic needed to go. Thanks also to [ profile] girlintheband and [ profile] darksylvia for gamely taking on the task of beta'ing when I said, "Hey, you know that 8,000-9,000 word fic you said you'd take a look at? Um...It sort of grew." You guys made this a better fic, and I'm so grateful for it! ♥

We Started From
Panic! at the Disco GSF -- Ryan/Jon/Brendon/Spencer, with various leadup permutations
~20,000 words

Notes: Takes place during the Truckstops and Statelines tour on an alternate timeline. That is to say, this doesn't precisely follow canon, and I'm aware of that. Also, if pretending the girlfriends never existed isn't cool with you, I'm sorry. They're not here.
Warning: Um, spoiler for The Usual Suspects? If that matters to you.

Brendon's breath catches on a ragged inhale, and Ryan realizes that is what Brendon sounds like when he comes. Ryan was so, so wrong when he told Brendon he didn't want to hear him jerking off. )



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