Jun. 23rd, 2008

Not so very long ago, I did that meme where people could ask questions about my fic, and I wrote up the answers here. A couple were just short little blurbs, but I went into more detail on a few of them that some might want to read. )

Then [livejournal.com profile] disarm_d had to go and ask about the first time Spencer fucked Brendon in We Started From. And I simply could not answer that question without a lot of detail, so the answer is behind the cut, in the form of a sort-of outtake PWP. If you're not familiar with We Started From, then the whole first part probably won't make a whole hell of a lot of sense.

At The Same Time, In Another Room
Spencer/Brendon, NC-17, ~4,800 words
Spencer lifts his other hand and cups it behind Brendon's neck, turning Brendon toward him and tugging him close. )
A while back, I asked for prompts. I already posted [livejournal.com profile] rossetti's request for stoned/morning sex Spencer/Ryan here, and [livejournal.com profile] airgiodslv's prompt is gonna get its own post, too, in just a minute, because it's porny and longer. So the common theme here is this: Ask for porn, and apparently you get at least 1,000 words because I'm easy like that. Ask for something fluffy and you get a couple hundred of ridiculous words in which nothing really happens. Uh, sorry for my biases? (I really like writing porn, whoops!)

SO. Little ficlets behind the cuts!

For saba1789: Bob/Spencer, chocolate )

For um_nosrsly: Bob, Amy Winehouse and blushing )

For ficsoreal: Ryan/Spencer, headbands )

For sparklewitch: Brendon/Spencer, belt buckle )
The last of the ficlet requests, for [livejournal.com profile] airgiodslv: Bottom!Jon!!! Yeah, she won the drawing on this one and got an actual full-blown PWP...though it does get a little mushy near the end. ARE MY PREFERENCES SHOWING?

Ready For More
Ryan/Jon, NC-17, ~2,500 words
Ryan's never been one to focus especially on the visuals of sex. He likes the feel, of course, the smell of sweat and come, doesn't even mind the salty flavor of both on his tongue. But he loves, loves the sounds. )



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