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Porn muse finally visited: Yesterday.

Done and DONE. These two took way too motherfucking long to jump each other's bones. (I just managed to use to, two and too all in one sentence!) Thanks to [ profile] sparklewitch for listening to me whine (as ever) and the readthrough. ♥

This, by the way, is the first fic I've finished that is NOT for any kind of challenge/prompt in 3 years and 8 months. Behold, the power of bandom.

Something Like a Mystery
FOB/MCR xover, Patrick/Gerard, NC-17
Set during Warped 2005
~3,900 words

The first time Patrick is ever alone in a room with Gerard Way, he ends up pressed down into a couch while Gerard pushes up Patrick's shirt and strokes his hip, licking his way into Patrick's mouth. )
So. I seem to have actually finished my fic for [ profile] svmadelyn's kink & cliche challenge. It's Panic! at the Disco RPS, and my prompt was magical themes. I gave a certain someone a special power/skill and played rather fast and loose with Brendon. Poor boy. I'm sure that in real life he's not entirely like a 5-year-old who lost his Ritalin.

Thanks go to [ profile] sparklewitch for listening to me whine and helping me brainstorm and all that stuff.

Panic! at the Disco
PG-13 (for language)
Brendon/Ryan, Spencer/Jon, perhaps a touch of Jon/Brendon
Like A Magic 8 Ball, But You Can Only Ask One Question )
I finished my kink and cliche fic for [ profile] svmadelyn's challenge! And in time for the deadline! All thanks to [ profile] sparklewitch for giving me my bunny and my beta.

Here's what you need to know: Fandom is The Forsaken, prompt is bath/water sex, it's a first-time fic, I totally have NOTHING against Alabama, and there's a real shortage of vampires for this being a fandom about vampire hunters. Oh, well. We all just really want the sex, don't we?

Boy, when I get license to use cliches, I really go all out. )
I wrote fic! Supernatural fic! I'm terrible at updating! You can post from e-mail if you have a paid account, right? Because I really think that's the only way I'm going to be able to post more than once in a blue moon from now on. As soon as I get my refund check (which, you know, I probably need to file my taxes first), expect more talk from me.


This is for [ profile] slodwick's Worth 1,000 Words challenge. Thanks to [ profile] sparklewitch for the readthrough and reassurance on dipping my toes into the Supernatural waters.

When Sam was 12, he'd gotten it in his head that he wanted a dog. )
I've been gone for approximately forever and have surely missed tons of stuff. Sorry to everyone who might have thought I up and dropped off the face of the planet; I've just been internet-less for a goodly chunk of time. Will respond to stuff that needs responses soon, promise. And much love to you guys. At least I come bearing fic! Ridiculously late Two Lines fic, but still. Any fic at all is rather novel at this point. *g*

Title: PDA
Fandom: Sky High
Pairing: Will Stronghold/Warren Peace
Rating: NC-17 for sex and language
Disclaimer: Characters and 'verse belong to Disney, not me. I'm just playing in their sandbox.
Author's Note: Written for [ profile] shanalle's Two Lines challenge. This fic is set in the future, when Will and Warren are above the age of consent. Endless thanks to [ profile] sparklewitch for the read-through and input.

As per the challenge rules, the fic was inspired by these lyrics:
"I'm learning, I'm yearning
I'm burning, all your stuff"
Barenaked Ladies -- "Thanks, That Was Fun"
The look Warren shoots him makes him glad looks can't kill. Or, you know, they can, but luckily that's not Warren's superpower. )
Drive-by fic posting, for [ profile] svmadelyn and [ profile] seperis's multifandom cliche/kink challenge. New fandom + same old cliche we've all read a thousand times = fun for all. I think it says something about this fic that I was listening to the Camp soundtrack while I wrote the majority of it. The assignment that prompted this fic was the old Undercover Lover/have to pretend to be dating cliche, along with a little bit of a possessiveness kink. Thanks to [ profile] sparklewitch for the inspiration and the last-minute readthrough. Enjoy!

One of the first things he learned about going undercover was that cover stories are best simple. )
Title: Surrogate
Fandom: Friday Night Lights
Pairing: Mike Winchell/Don Billingsley
Rating: R for sex and language
Disclaimer: Not mine, not making any money from it.
Author's Note: For [ profile] slodwick's A Picture is Worth 1000 Words challenge, take three. Also written for [ profile] callmecayce. Happy belated birthday! And thanks to [ profile] sparklewitch for the last-minute read-through.

As per the challenge rules, the fic was inspired by this picture:

Click to read the story that is in no way actually related to horses. )